ninja kitchen.

Had an awesome day in the galley today… An asian infused lunch of aromatic duck spring rolls, pork and prawn dumplings, and a thai beef salad. For dinner I made veal tenderloin, crusted in dried porcini and portabello mushrooms.
Have so many recipes for today and not enough time to post them all but here are a few pics from lunch.

4 thoughts on “ninja kitchen.

  1. Looks fantastic!, We are missing your wonderful recipes and meals, grateful for the great dishes that you served up at home and the most lovely thing about your cooking is the love you put into it: it’s that energy that makes it taste so great. Anyone can put ingredients together but that passionate love for the art of taste and presentation takes the ordinary to extraordinary experiences and you are truly artistic across so many platforms xx

  2. A little ninja post from my own little flax ninja….. please email me when you get this so I know you are OK. STUPID hackers. Love you and all your amazing words and recipes xxx

  3. Absolutely AMAZING! You’re a very clever and super talented ninja my bewdy. What a beautiful blog…so inspirational and such a creative documentation of your adventures…LOVE that we have this connection to you and what you’re doing around the globe…can’t wait for the next update…truly talented darling xxxx

    1. Pen, my beautiful ninja sista!! So good to hear from you. Was just thinking I don’t have a contact for you anymore…now I do!
      Love to hear what you’ve been up to in love and life… send me your email addy. Big kisses beautiful xxx

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