Smoothies & Juices

so juizy.

I’ve been in America nearly a week, and I’m on a new leaf health kick.

This is the place to be green. With supermarket aisles dedicated to every new health trend imaginable, Im like a kid in a candy store. All organic, fresh and raw food products to feed even the most picky diet. And to top it all off, we’ve just been graced with a top end juicer.

So straight to the A-market I go. This little green baby was todays creation

My super green juice – AKA Tequila for Cows.

1x bunch fresh kale
1x bunch fresh spinach
1x bunch celery
A large handful of coriander
A whole lemon
A knob of fresh ginger
1x scoop kelp powder
and a scoop of macca powder

Et voila! Health in a glass.IMG_9154IMG_9180

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