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Norwegian supper.

I think I may have found the most beautiful place on earth… Norway you little stunner!
This place has just hightailed to the top of my list of travel destinations. Lucky for me we have a few more weeks to explore the beauty of her landscapes and fjords so I’ll be getting my hike on and seeing as much as I can.

We have pretty much finished our summer season this year. Dropping off the last guests early last week. I only had four days of cooking, so I wanted to push myself a little further and nail a heavily norwegian themed menu.
Our guests requested fresh fish for every meal, and it wasn’t hard to find. The fish markets in Bergen had pretty much every kind of ‘fisk’ on offer, I was spoilt for variety. One night I even had a local man take his dinghy out in Geirangerfjord at 11pm just to find me some freshies for the following day.

One night in Norway  – A la Shalalala

Starter: Norwegian smoked wild salmon with pickled radish, avocado mousse, and ginger puree
Main: Pan seared turbot with mussels, meyer lemon puree and chive oil
Dessert: Norwegian Omellete (baked alaska)



IMG_3779IMG_3645 IMG_3652

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