Here it is, the final assignment for the MK Fundamentals of Raw cuisine – Level one.

Its been an amazing experience learning to create beautiful and tasty dishes that are solely plant based. It has really opened my eyes to the depth in which we can create when we think outside the box.

The colours, textures and vibrancy that fruit and vegetables bring to a plate are bountiful and when you apply simple flavour techniques, the options for creativity are endless.

The future of food and nutrition is changing everyday and I believe the secret is in our plants. Its a new direction for me, and one that inspires me daily.

On that note this is what I came up with for my final project. We designed our own three course menu, and chose two of the dishes to test and create. For my main dish I made a beetroot cannelloni, with cashew cheese, basil foam, blackberry balsamic reduction, and beetroot crisps.
For the dessert, a trio of citrus, Ruby grapefruit panna cotta, rosemary & lemon sorbet and a key lime pie with avocado and turmeric.

IMG_6090 IMG_6095 IMG_6114

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