Starting fresh.

It’s nearly the middle of February and I’m coming in somewhat late with my first post of the year. But I assure you I have some absolute beauties coming your way in the next few months.

I’ve spent 6 weeks holidaying in my beautiful homeland, New Zealand. It’s been a whirlwind of road trips, beach days and an excess of love injected by family and friends.
The perfect time to really cleanse the soul and boost creativity levels.

I’ve done my fair share of ‘food research’ with a wee waistline bulge to prove it. And I’m feeling so ready to kick this year off with some beautiful soul food!

It hasn’t all been sunshine and sandy beaches though. I’ve started the year with some personal ‘life’ challenges – hence the blog neglect. Its been a bit of a bumpy start but one of learning and growing.
I’m working on clearing negative energy from previous years and making way for new and positive changes in 2015. I intend on making it a banger! – both personally and in the galley!

It’s  a treat to come home to my little kitchen where I can focus my thoughts on all things delicious! Food is my heart – it uplifts me and re-connects me in so many ways. Its an absolute blessing to be able to call this path a career and share my creative outlets with hungry bellies.

So starting this year fresh, and positively vibrant, I thought I’d start off my blog in the same way.

Spicy Thai coconut soup with rice noodles and fresh prawns.
(serves 2)

6 shelled prawns, butterflied, and towel dried (tails on)
1/2 packet of rice noodles or gluten-free udon noodles
Handful of brocolini
small handfull of baby field mushrooms
2 spring onions – thinly sliced
1/2 red chilli, de-seeded and thinly sliced
thumb of ginger thinly sliced
1/2 lemongrass stalk  – thinly chopped
1 tbsp red curry paste
1 small can of coconut cream
1 cup of fish stock
juice of two limes
1 tbs fish sauce
1 tbsp honey
Coriander and watercress

First cook the rice noodles until al-dente. Once rinsed, coat with a small amount of sesame oil and leave to cool.

In a sauce pan lightly sautee the garlic, ginger, lemongrass and red curry paste to activate flavours.
Add the coconut cream, fish stock, fish sauce, honey and lime juice.
After about 4 minutes add the brocoli and mushrooms and heat through.

While the vegetables are softening, coat the prawns in a little soy sauce and salt.

Sautee for about 2 minutes on each side or until barely cooked through (they will continue to cook when added to the soup.

Combine the prawns with the soup and rice noodles, top with sliced chilli, coriander and watercress.


10 thoughts on “Starting fresh.

  1. Good luck with her personal life goals for the year. I had a good look at my goals and that included blogging more than before. It’s funny what priorities are each year. Do they change, do they stay the same?

    This dish looks delicious and punchy.

  2. Thanks again Genie! Whether they change or stay the same, don’t think it matters hey, as long as we have something to work towards!
    Blogging more is definitely one of the goals to up my game on too. I look forward to seeing more of your year ahead!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for your lovely feedback Raphaëlle. And the nomination. I will have to take a look.
    I just had a look at your blog, its beautiful and for sure one I will follow closely.
    Many thanks again xxxx

      1. Thank you so much! Likewise- I’ll be watching your blog closely- that chocolate cake looks absolutely delicious! Xx

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