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cabinets of cake.



Whilst home in NZ and feasting my way around the North Island. I made a solid effort to accustom myself to the various styles and decor’s of the local cafe’s and brunch spots.
Cafe research I called it – Though it was more like an excuse to get the lady friends together and have ourselves some coffee and cake!

They say we eat first with our eyes, so there is allot to be said for a cafe that leads you in with a vibrant and mouthwatering assortment of sweet treats.

One said cafe we visited in Mt Maunganui was not only bursting from the cabinets, but had piles upon piles of cakes, cookies, and slices on every space of bench-top available.
Jaws on the floor… we were spoilt for choice.
Every flavour, colour and variety of baked goods you could imagine. Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, sugar-free included…. How the HECK are you supposed to choose just one!

So with my future cafe in mind I decided I better get cracking on some of my own recipes.
This ones a little like a muffin but more like a fudgey cake. Gluten-free and sugar-free for the mindful but surely not lacking in taste!

Chocolate fudge & cardamom mini-cakes with lemon mascarpone

250g sugar-free chocolate 70%
250g butter
8 egg yolks
8 whipped egg whites
200g maple syrup
250g almond meal
3/4 tsp quality cardamom powder
pinch of himalayan rock salt

Mascarpone icing:
250g mascarpone
juice of 1 lemon
maple syrup to taste

Melt chocolate and butter in a double boiler – don’t mix too much as will split.
Whisk the eggs until light and fluffy. Set aside.
Whisk the egg white to soft peaks. Set aside.
Fold all ingredients together gently until combined.

Pour mixture into prepared muffin trays or moulds.

Bake 180 degrees for 1 hour

For the icing, blend all ingredients together and pipe onto cooled cakes.

Decorate with fresh berries or shaved chocolate.


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