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Humbled, inspired and open.

The adventure has come to an end. I spent nearly three months travelling around some absolutely breathtaking countries with close friends and with family.
I taste tested each country as if famine was coming and spent a small fortune on treating my tastebuds…. and extending my waistline.
It was worth every single bite.

Taking time away from your ‘routine life’ is the perfect opportunity to stimulate the senses and get the creativity bouncin! No place was more this case than the last leg of my trip – Bali!
I came away from that little country so incredibly moved. Not just by the food culture and flavours, but by their way of life.
It left me with a beautiful contradiction of feelings – Peaceful, calm, humbled & open.
And then on another level, excited, elated, and inspired.

Bali lit me up like no other place I’ve been, and it was mostly down to the people.
Today their beautiful homeland has become outrun with young backpackers, surfers, and trendy cafe’s, but the Balinese people still keep their smiles wide and sing out friendly ‘hello’s’ to all. They’re humble people, Happy. Guided by karmic influence and a beautiful religion. Their culture shines through their every day life and is infused into every traveler that shares their land.

I was there with my brother – who is quite simply my favourite human on this planet, so the trip was already pre-determined to be a banger.
We divided our vacation between our favourite past times – Him: Surfing. Mine: Food.

Indo has a fabulous food culture. Foraging to the Balinese is a way of life, and everything that hits your plate is not only seasonal, but in many cases medicinal. It’s no surprise that the health craze of this last decade has taken off in Bali. You cant go 20 metres without passing a RAW/vegan/health focused cafe or smoothie joint serving up every fad superfood you can write about. But the thing that makes this different from anywhere else is that they intertwine all that goodness with traditional dishes and flavours.

I’ve put together a hit-list for some of my favourite cafes. I wasn’t able to try them all of course but these few places are assured to tickle the tastebuds!


Veda – Amazing breakfast and coffee is top-notch, set amongst a traditional balinese house and

Milk & Madu – This is your first stop for an epic breakfast. Milk & Madu serve up fresh and health-focused comfort food – Yep thats a thing!

Peloton Supershop– A bike shop, and a vegan cafe! You wont miss eating meat here, they have a great menu and excellent smoothies/drinks! Sit upstairs for a chill vibe and homely feel.


The Yoga Barn – I only came here for a smoothie and cake but the menu is extensive and incredibly healthy. I eyeballed a few of the plates passing me and they looked darn tasty!

Spice – Creative modern dishes. A fusion of Indonesian and western plates, and some killer cocktails

Lovacore – I was recommended this place by a friend and it absolutely didn’t disappoint. An excellent menu, artfully plated dishes and a great friendly atmosphere. Locavore also use only sustainably sourced ingredients – a big thumbs up from me.

Bali Silent retreat – This place needs its own post in itself! I really can’t explain just how amazing this experience was for me in one sentence, but if your looking for a few days away from the ‘noise and chatter’ of daily life, in a beautiful rural setting. This is your spot! They had some of the best food I tried in Bali. All ingredients are seasonal, medicinal and sourced locally. The emphasis is on eating living foods – Mindfully & with loving energy.


Sisterfields -I wasn’t in Seminyak long but I did manage to grab lunch at this amazing brunch joint. Super trendy, and perhaps a little too busy. But thats a good indication of a good menu right?  I could have ordered one of everything – and I nearly did! Amazing fusion of flavours on every level.

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